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Niscemi reenters in the province of Caltanissetta, to 332 meters on the level of the sea, developed on a reentrant hill in the terminal part of the Erei Mountains and the slopes of the Ibleis and with a western panorama on the valley of the River Maroglio and the plain one of it Freezes. The city' he/she understands around 27.000 inhabitants.
The urbanistic plant reveals him with a maze of roads that you/they are intersected to chessboard and clear building reminescenze risalenti to the XVII century.

The city historical past he is able' to reconstruct thanks to the rests of the first installations risalenti to the culture sicula and sicana and to the necropolis with the graves to tholos and oven risalenti to the epoch of the Disueris - that is' the XIII century A. C.
The age' modern town begins 1620 when the center was granted to Joseph Branciforti. Few years after the noble it also got the title of Prince of Niscemi.
From the naturalistic point of view, Niscemi must be remembered for the presence of various woods as that of the "Sughereta" - constituted from cork oaks, the various oaks and the wood of the Castellana. To this last him league a legend in base to which a shepherd he forwards' in such green oasis to the search of one ox of his and it finds him/it knelt before to a source where a veil of silk raffigurante the Madonna floated with the Bambin Gesù.' Such event I bring' to the building of a Sanctuary devoted to the Madonna. The party, always in honor of the Madonna, and' effected every year at the end of August thanks to the job of the Brotherhood of Maria SS. Of the Wood and it foresees sacred celebrations, the various processions of the it Launches, competitions and attends him Palio of the Horses.

Niscemi picks up various sacred and civil monuments that deserve a careful visit, as the Mother Church entitled Maria of the Odigitria and the eighteenth-century Church entitled to the Our Lady of Sorrows to Saint


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